A Wedding Photographer; Is That What I Am? // A Summer Wedding Recap

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welp, as I write this, it is the last day of summer. The very last. 
What a summer it has been. 
Sometimes when I sit back and think about it, I get a bit overwhelmed with the immense blessings God has given me. 
I shot seven weddings this summer. 
And every one of them was pretty amazing. 
For the lack of a better word. 

So, I figured I would do a recap of this summer. 
And every wedding that I got to view through the lens of my camera, as well as through my eyes. 

Here it goes. 

Wedding #1. 
What a fun couple. Kate contacted about her April wedding because her little brother knew me, and knew I took pictures.
She had faith in my photography I guess.
She and Dan were really the "model couple", they were all smiles and perfectly happy just to be with each other.
My very favorite part of this wedding was the weather.
It was such a lovely Spring day. A perfect day for a wedding.

Wedding #2.
I have known Jacob for about seven years, his little sister is my good friend. I have known Kathy for as long as I can remember.
Jacob is a photographer as well.
In fact, he was the first person to tell me about the wonderful 50mm (low f/stops) lens.
Jacob and Kathy, you could plainly tell, adored each other.
It was a hot day, and the wedding party endured some burnt skin for the sake of pictures.
My favorite part of this wedding was that we got to go to the beach to take portraits.
And of course, the wedding party was so much fun. 

Wedding #3.
This wedding was five days after Jacob and Kathy's wedding, and I did it all by myself.
Song and Jackie have quite the story.
But I am not much of a story teller, so I won't ruin their lovely love story. A story that only The Great Writer could have written perfectly  And who better to live out his perfect plan than Song and Jackie, they are living witnesses that waiting on the Lord is best way to go.
My favorite part of this wedding was the simply beauty, and the God and family centered ceremony.

Wedding #4.
You know, I love how every wedding is so wonderfully unique and personal.
I also shot this one by myself. 
I have known Kirstyn all of my life. Let me tell you, she is gem. And Cole, as I have gotten to know him has shown himself to be a perfect gentleman.
Cole and Kirstyn's wedding was simple and so them. 
And really, their clever DIY everything.....it was pretty grand. 
My favorite part of this wedding....well, there was the part when, because of the pouring rain, my older brother held an umbrella over me as I took pictures. 
But, I think another part of this wedding that I loved was the people. Everyone was so laid back no matter what happened, it was a wedding, and there was a reason to be joyful. 

Wedding #5.
Travis and Elizabeth!
Elizabeth is another one of the lovely brides I have known as long as I can remember;  and I liked Travis from the first moment I met him. 
What a couple they make. 
Oh dear. 
Not only were they smashingly adorable, they made their wedding smashingly adorable. 
Really this wedding was Pintrest times 10. 
I have not posted this one just yet, but I shall soon. 
My favorite part of this wedding had to be the overflowing joy. 
Yes the decor was stunning. 
And yes the weather was wonderful. 
But this was simply stuffed with wedding joy. 

Wedding #6. 
Dawn is another of those wonderful ladies that I have known for quite a long time.
Andy and Dawn's wedding dawned cloudy and dark.
By this time we were used to rainy wedding.
Almost every wedding this summer has either had a downpour, drizzly or a threat of rain.
It is something you get used to.
At the time the wedding started it was pouring, but by the time the ceremony was over the sun had come out in its full glory.
I think my favorite part about this wedding was #1 The wonderful, supportive wedding party. #2 I must  say, the food at the reception was pretty amazing. Really, the best I have ever had.

Wedding #7.
Nick and Haley! 
These two.
Oh how cute.
And fun.
And in love.
Their wedding was a western/Dr. Who styled wedding.
And they pulled it off like nobody else could.
This wedding was not only fun to photograph, but fun to be at. Nick and Haley go to our church, and our whole church body stood behind them, which made for a warm family-like atmosphere.
My favorite part of this wedding was, like I said, the family-like atmosphere, and also the dancing. Country line dancing....oh yes, loads of fun.

And there is one more thing to be said.
Sarah is my partner in photography.
We are a team.
And she is pretty wonderful.
I couldn't do any of this wedding-stuffs without her, and the weddings I did do without her.....trust me, she was dearly missed.
I am so thankful for her help at all the weddings, and I am also thankful for her sweet friendship.

And now.....more pictures.
( and I would like to note that during weddings....well those are not my finest moments outfit-and-hair-wise, just thought I would warn you)
(also, all pictures below are credited to Essie Jane Photography)


I look forward to many more summers like this one! 

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. look you, pretty lady! i know who i'm going to hire to be my wedding photographer someday. *smiles* xx

  2. Well this just makes me excited. For you, and for next May. I'm so glad that you got to do all of these this summer. You're a brilliant photographer...it seems like you were made to do weddings. :-) (Oh, and the one of you directing the wedding party? I love it, hehe.)

  3. You've done such an amazing job with all of these weddings and I love seeing the "behind the scenes" pictures. :)

  4. You look so cool and profesh! Loved this post :)

  5. You incredible wedding photographer, you! awwwwwwwww! This is one of my favorite-ever posts of yours. So many happy memories. Getting to work with you has been one of the very biggest blessings of my summer.
    You did a fabulous job on every single wedding.
    This is getting to be a very long comment.
    I just am to happy/grateful to stop. :)
    Oh, and thanks for posting all those SOOC. Agh!! ;)


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