Dan & Kate :: Married

Friday, May 17, 2013

You remember Dan and Kate right? Back at the beginning of April I had the pleasure of doing their engagement pictures.  At the end of April I got to do their wedding pictures along with my friend Sarah
We both decided a few things after this wedding: 
1. We want every bride to get ready in Kate's apartment (you don't mind do you Kate?) 
2. We are going to hire Dan and Kate as our model couple
3. When your auto-focus stops working.....well, it is not good, but always check and make sure it is not working before you switch cameras (in other words, everything is okay, but it was scary)
4. Don't climb in the thorns with bare feet. It hurts. And bleeds. All over. And it ain't pretty let me tell you. 
5. We like the 35mm f/1.4 lens
6. April 27th. If you are going to have a wedding, now that is the day to do it! 

We have also decided that we love being wedding photographers.
In fact, we are off to do it again tomorrow. 

After the ceremony we headed over to a little garden in town. Sarah took the girls over to one part of the the garden and I took the boys to another part. 
(this next one is my personal favorite)

Congratulations Dan and Kate!
You guys are the best! 

--Mackenzie Hope--


  1. wow you have captured true happiness!!!!!!

  2. Lovely lovely job, m'dear! These are beautiful! I sooo admire how you can get the original shots, but also just have fun and experiment - it takes you far! I absolutely LOVE the 7th from bottom (silhouette), and 13th from top is gorg.e.ous. =D

  3. GAH!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! you did a fantastic job, dear one. love your photography more than I can say. ;) xx

  4. Wow Mackenzie! This are inspiring and just beautiful. Great job!

  5. love these, mackenzie! so so good. can't wait to see the pictures from tomorrow! xx


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