Song & Jackie :: Wedding

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have known Jackie for all my life (well, as far back as I can remember). 
She is a gem. 
I met Song just a bit before their wedding. 
What a couple they make.
What a wedding they had.
Song and Jackie chose to see each other and do portraits before the ceremony.
It was a cold, windy, rainy day, and not exactly what you would call "perfect weather" for being outside.  But, everyone in the wedding party was brave enough to stand in the cold and smile for the camera.
They were troupers.
(and I am warning you, this is a long post....lots of pictures)

IMG_4987 IMG_4980 IMG_5041-2
IMG_5034-2 IMG_5001-2 IMG_5082 IMG_4966 IMG_4975-2 IMG_5187 IMG_5203 IMG_5077 IMG_5248-2 IMG_5319 IMG_5300-2 IMG_5427 IMG_5518 IMG_5370 IMG_5584 IMG_5539 IMG_5642-2 IMG_5574-3 IMG_5595 IMG_5626 IMG_5646 IMG_5639 IMG_5706
IMG_6268 IMG_6295 IMG_5778 IMG_5859 IMG_5893 IMG_5963 IMG_5994 IMG_6032 IMG_6027 IMG_6051-2 IMG_6011-2 IMG_6155 IMG_6036 IMG_6065 IMG_6203-2 IMG_6412 IMG_6445 IMG_6579-2 IMG_6454-3 IMG_6957-2 IMG_6923 IMG_7015 IMG_7024 IMG_7034-4 IMG_7056 IMG_7152-3 IMG_7364-2 IMG_7372 IMG_7355-2 IMG_7590 IMG_7649 IMG_7722 IMG_7914 IMG_7732 IMG_7934 IMG_7991 IMG_8147-2 IMG_8122 IMG_8103 IMG_8090 IMG_8796 IMG_8830

Congratulations Song and Jackie!

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. ah, i love this! i didn't know jackie was getting married. how exciting, first jess, then kyrsten and now jackie. your photography is gorgeous and woah her dress is killer. love it.

  2. Beautiful work, Mackenzie! just. beautiful. The couple pics are all so sweet, the bridals and other window shots are oh so creative, and I must say you did very well with the weather the way it was! You capture the emotion of the day so splendidly, Mackenzie - you make a wonderful wedding photographer! ;-)

  3. MACKENZIE? For. Real.
    Wow and woah. I'm pretty sure that I held my breath throughout the entire post, it was so beautiful. And her dress - ah. I think you were made for photographing weddings. :-)

  4. umm, WHOA. umm, stawp with the amazingness, and beautifulness. (actually, don't. but you know what i mean. ;)) gosh, girl. i mean, really. these are extraordinarily beautiful; stunning. what a sweet couple they are, what a beautiful wedding, and such a great photographer. ;) this is gorgeous.
    xxx / Mikailah

  5. All of your photos are great, but then there are the ones that are absolutely striking. Specifically the ones of Jackie and Song dancing that you shot from a low angle. They're just stunning. And there's always a few in every post that you just have to stop and linger over because they grab your attention. It's easy to see that you're developing an eye for these kinds of photos. You're making some great work.

  6. I looooooove the shot of the groomsmen in front of the window where they are silhouetted! Beautiful!!! Great shots!


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