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Monday, September 23, 2013

The first day of fall has come and gone. 
Oh how I love fall days. 
Chilly air. 
Warm blankets. 
Piping hot cups of tea. 
Reading good books in my free time (what little free time I have). 
Rich, warm fall colors. 
Getting to layer up with jackets, boots and scarves.
More piping hot tea. 
Fluffy slippers. 
A harvest from the garden. 
Kitting warm things. 

I think there is a bit of a them going on here. 
I am so ready for this Fall Thing.

Happy fall, and happy Monday!



  1. Yay! It's fall! My family celebrated by baking gf pumpkin chocolate chip bread and drinking apple cider. And me? I celebrated by soaking up book after book. *sunday afternoons*

  2. Beautiful photo. I love the colors and the focus here. And yes, fall is oh so wonderful. :)

  3. Gorgeous. It's hard to believe it's here already....but I think that I'm ready. :-)

  4. Aaaaah...I don't know if I've ever been so excited for Fall! Everything about it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, even the mass amounts of rain that my state gets every year! It seems like everyone is ready for Fall...
    xo Rachelle


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