Cole & Kirstyn - Wedding

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I had the privilege of shooting Jess and Ian's wedding last year at their family's home with a beautiful barn, and lots of wonderful photo spots. 
And a year later Kirstyn and Cole got married in the same place.
I have known Kirstyn all of my life.
She is one of my older sister's best friends (I told a bit of a story here).
Cole and Kirstyn's wedding day dawned with clouds hovering in the sky looking like it wanted to pour rain. The rain did pour. On and off the whole day.
But it was still lovely.
Weddings always are.

IMG_2285 IMG_2435 IMG_2355 IMG_2468 IMG_2516 IMG_2483 IMG_2529 IMG_2534 IMG_2564 IMG_2686 IMG_2705
IMG_2907 IMG_2951 IMG_3000 IMG_3038 IMG_3081 IMG_3136 IMG_3153 IMG_3182 IMG_3200 IMG_3235 IMG_3207 IMG_3249-2 IMG_3263-3 IMG_3316 IMG_3191-2 IMG_3415 IMG_3454-2 IMG_3445-2 IMG_3472 IMG_3559 IMG_3871 IMG_3927 IMG_4074 IMG_4088 IMG_4112-2 IMG_4167 IMG_4137 IMG_4188 IMG_4251 IMG_4270-2 IMG_4361 IMG_4470 IMG_4534 IMG_4518-2 IMG_4542 IMG_4766-2 IMG_3283 IMG_3296-2 IMG_4875 IMG_4911 IMG_4895 IMG_4919 IMG_4967 IMG_5153 IMG_5187 IMG_5217-2 IMG_5322 IMG_5400 IMG_5496 IMG_5631 IMG_5703

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. You are just so good. Umm,yes. These are amazing. (Plus, Meredith in the bouquet toss. Hahah!)

  2. You have done an amazing job here! I love the edits. And this couple is so adorable. :)

  3. Ahh, these are ah-mazing! I love them all. Kirsytn is so pretty. And is that Gabe? He's gotten so big! I loved all the creative shots with the whole bridal party, awesome! And the camo is so funny haha. I love it.

  4. These are all so beautiful. :)
    You did such a great job, Mackenzie!


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