The Moment When I Am Very Happy That I Am A Wedding Photographer

Monday, September 16, 2013

First Sight

It was time.
The bridesmaids had all walked down the aisle toward the waiting groomsmen and groom. 
Then the music had stopped. Three of the groomsmen, as well as one of the bridesmaids, had turned from their line and stepped over to waiting instruments and waited for the moment when they would start. 
The moment came. 
A soft melody from the piano sounded clearly, as the guitar joined in, later greeted by the lovely strains of a violin and the beat of drums. 
And then there she was. 
The mother of the bide stood, followed by the guests. 
We looked down the aisle to see the bride, on the arm of her father, walking slowly. 
She was beaming a smile that could only be the smile of someone perfectly happy. 
I was excited to the fullest. I might have been the photographer, but I felt like one of the guests. I got to enjoy that moment through the lens of my camera. 
She had made her way to the front in a matter of moments, but to me it felt like a lifetime. 
My hands were shaking and sweaty (as they always are during the processional), and my heart was beating fast.
From where I was crouched on the ground I looked up at the groom. He was stunned by his bride. To be his wife. 
Then I saw it. 
He smiled at her, and softly whispered the words, "You are beautiful." 
Simple words. 
But my heart melted. 
She was beautiful, and made even more beautiful because she was the bride.
This was his first sight of her. 
And they were getting married that day.

I love being a wedding photographer.

~Mackenzie Hope~


  1. Yes, that processional was definitely one of the most breathtaking I've ever witnessed. It rather shook me up. ;)

  2. this is beautiful. you captured it so well. i loved seeing all these pictures. super pretty :)

  3. Mhmm. You've got the wedding photographer spirit, Mackenzie! =) When a photographer feels what the couple does during their wedding - you know she is going to create some GREAT stuff that day. =D


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