She // Northwest Indiana Portrait Photographer

Friday, August 29, 2014

This is not a disease that gets better or heals in any way. No, it is a disease that takes and takes until it has taken every grain of sanity. 
She is getting worse. 
While she used to be able to put on her own shoes, we now have to put them on for her. She used to take little walks around the house, now she just walks a couple feet and gets exhausted. Simple tasks like brushing her teeth, getting into bed, or even voicing what she wants are tasks that take massive amounts of strength on her part.
I walked into her room and woke her up this morning and she simple, with her eyes till closed, said to me, “I love you.”
She doesn’t even know who I am, but those words still make me happy. She has so much love to offer, and she never stops trying to give it out. 
As she sat in her chair this morning staring at nothing in particular, I asked her what she is thinking. She simple replies with no hesitation, “I am thinking about Heaven.” 
“Why?” I ask. 
“Because I am going there.”
I have learned so much from my little grandmother. I am thankful for every day she is here, no matter how hard it gets. Her simple ways, her simple words, she takes life one thing at a time, she has no room for anything more. 

I must admit, I often wonder why she has been placed with us at this time. I wonder why we have had to go through all this change, but then I remember that God says in His Word that His plans are perfect. He knows the future, the past and every moment of our lives. 
So, I can trust Him with tomorrow. 
Just like my Grandma trusts with a childlike attitude. 

-Mackenzie Hope- 

Emma // A Portrait Shoot

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When we visited North Carolina this summer I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Emma.
She is my second cousin.....I think.
Maybe my third cousin.
I lose track too often.
Emma is a gem.
Her southern accent was adorable, her smile had radiant glow, and her laugh was contagious.
We had loads of fun doing that hot summer evening, oh how I love portrait shoots.
IMG_4121IMG_3959 IMG_3965
IMG_4069 IMG_4011

-Mackenzie Hope-

This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Ian & Clarissa

Monday, August 25, 2014

This weekend Sarah and I did together what we love to do best.
We shot a wedding. 
(no, not with guns, with cameras *ahem*)
We enjoyed capturing the bride being made stunning for her groom. 
We got to swoon over the ethereal window light.
We adored the bride's style from her heirloom head-piece to her royal blue dancing shoes. 
We admired the groom's very dapper style. 
We took portraits in the pouring rain. 
We loved every minute of it. 
Weddings are the best. 
mackenziehopephotography (4 of 6)
mackenziehopephotography (1 of 6) mackenziehopephotography (2 of 6)mackenziehopephotography (5 of 6)
mackenziehopephotography (3 of 6)mackenziehopephotography (6 of 6)

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope- 

This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Coming Home

Monday, August 18, 2014

I didn't know what to post about today. 
I mean, I could tell you all about the wonderful things that have happened in the past week. 
Like the annual canoe trip and the adventures we had on it. 
Or the days spent at The Cafe steaming milk, making food, talking to people and pulling espresso. 
Or time enjoyed with friends yesterday. 
Laughing really hard, singing songs, throwing footballs, and driving cars. 
What wonderful times.
But as I was sitting in my room this morning, enjoying the coziness of my room I thought of something that makes me oh-so-very-happy. 
My home.
Maybe not the building itself, no, it is more like everything it means to me that makes me love it. 
It is a place I am always happy to return to. 
It is a place that I am proud of. 
It is a place that holds inside of it the people I find dearest to me. 
It is a place I feel safe in. 
It is a place I can always feel, well, at home in.  
It is a place I love. 
It is home.

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope-

Artisan State Portfolio

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A  couple of months ago my older brother and I worked together to make a bit of a personal portfolio.  Something you could hold in your hands. 
The set-up of Artisan State's books looked wonderful so I decided to try it out. 
And let me tell you, I fell in love
Everything about this book was perfect; it was simple to make, the quality of the printing was stunning and the durability of the material was/is amazing. 
I love having something I can hold and show to people in person (instead of just sending them to see my online stuff).
I plan on using Artisan State books  as part of the photo package for clients in the future.  
IMG_9836IMG_9842-2 IMG_9844-2IMG_9846IMG_9854 IMG_9856-2

-Mackenzie Hope-

This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: Engaged To Be Married

Monday, August 11, 2014

Let me tell you a story. 
Once upon a time there was this girl named Delaney and this boy named Zack. They grew up in the same state living 45 minutes away most of their lives.  They had never heard of one-another, had any mutual friends or even really known of each other's existence.
Then, on a hot day in mid-August 2012, she saw him. 
She would always say to me, "I saw him looking at me and I thought to myself, 'I am not going to like him.'"
Yeah like that came through.
They may have met that day, or they may not have, I am not entirely sure, but I do know that they noticed each other.
Well months went by and they got to now each other in a group setting, she was not interested....or was trying not to be interested, but a rumor started getting around that Zack liked Delaney.
That rumor may have been started by his sister and me.
Well, finally, after many weeks of assistant - choir - directing on his part and talking with his sisters about him on her part, he asked our father is he could be in a relationship with Delaney.
Dad said yes.
Well shortly after it was the annual Jones-Family-And-Friends-Ski-Trip day, Zack's family met us at our house then embarked with us on the trip up to Michigan.
We all knew that Zack was going to ask Delaney to be in a relationship with him, she was the only one who did not know.
I remember riding in the car with his mom and two sisters saying, "AHHHHH!!! We are totally going to be related!"
Maybe we were stretching things a bit....but hey.
We were excited.
Then, Zack's master plan was put into action as he got onto a ski lift with Delaney alone. He then asked her if she would be willing to begin a courtship with him to which she replied, "I'm up for it!"
And they were two happy campers.
So were the rest of us.
Well then.
Last Sunday she wore green, he showed up, she was surprised, he took her too a park, asked her to marry him and she was swept off her feet.
She said yes.
And all the two families could say was,
And we are.
And they are going to be married.
IMG_9624 IMG_9626
IMG_9636IMG_9688 IMG_9705-2
And so they told their story.....while Zack ate food and Delaney showed off her ring. 

Happy Monday! 
-Mackenzie Hope-

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