This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: A Year Later

Monday, January 20, 2014

Guys, guess what today is!?!? 
It is the year anniversary of my "This Made Me Smile Mondays" blog posts! 
I didn't actually realize this until a minute ago, I knew it was coming up but didn't know that this was the actual day. 
So, a little review of my very favorite posts from Mondays this past year:

Well, there was #1 here. First one.
Where I stated the project I was about to embark on….and posted a picture and something that makes me smile.

This Made Me Smile :: Monday :: A Whole Bucket Full Of Joy
This post reminds me of some wonderful times this summer.

This video…so much fun to make.

I loved these photos….I still do.


And this post with this video in it. I will never cease to love to hear my Grandma sing.

I was so happy when I wrote about this lovely couple's wedding.

First Sight

And Grandma sure gets around the internet…..with this post

This photo makes me smile.
Photo by essie jane

And really, I am still smiling about this one.

So, some of my favorites.
I was thinking about maybe stopping now that I have posted a post every Monday of the year (minus one), but…I shall resume next Monday, and hopefully every Monday afterward for a while.

Happy Monday!

~Mackenzie Hope~ 

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  1. Well, just so you know...these have made my year a lot brighter. I come home from work every Monday and go straight to Blogger to see what Mackenzie's smiling about this week! :-)


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