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Monday, June 3, 2013

Well would you look at that, it is Monday again! 
I nearly forgot. 
Well, you see, I remembered that I should post today about a hundred times today.....
but then forgot about a hundred more times.
I usually attempt to post on Mondays earlier in the day.
But as I write is 9:24pm.
And you know what? By the time I post this it will be later.
Okay, to the point:
It is Monday. I have committed every Monday to post something little that makes me smile .
Or makes me happy.
 Or makes my little heart warm and fuzzy.
Or something that I like.
Or just something I wanted to post on my blog.

So here is a little list of things that made me smile in the past few days:
1. Getting baptized with The Little Brother in a lake (by our Pa). What could be better?
2. Playing three different kinds of sports until my knees hurt (hey, I am getting old okay?).
3. Seeing dear friends again.
4. Laughing with my siblings at wonderful sibling moments...until our sides hurt....very badly.
(there is a lot of hurting going on here)
Sibling moments.

The end.

(hey, it is 9:46pm now..... I think I will go join The Little Brother at eating something)

Happy Monday!

~Mackenzie Hope~

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