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Monday, July 15, 2013

Song by Page CXVI

A while back I posted a little video, entitled Home. (it is not on the blog anymore, I think I lost it)
It wasn't anything special, in fact, it stunk.  But I had loads of fun with it.
Ever since then I have grown in a love for taking videos.
There is something about capturing movement, playing with the focus, having the sound of someone's voice on record, and adding music. I just love it.
So, I dabble in a bit of videotography (that can't be a word can it?), and by no means call myself a videographer (I mean really, I didn't even edit these clips), but I sure have fun with it.
So, on Friday I decided to film my whole day. 
Well, not every move. 
But the main parts. 
The highlights. 
And it was a pretty jam-packed day. 

Today it my sister-in-law's birthday!!! 
My sister-in-law. She is pretty amazing. 
She is sweet. Beautiful. Creative. Brilliant. Thoughtful. Fun. Wise. 
She is just downright wonderful. 
Love you!


Happy Monday all!

Yours truly,
Mackenzie Hope


  1. So good -- I love your videos! You are really quite talented with that. :)

  2. WOW!!! This is so amazing!!I have been trying to make videos, but there never turn out vary good:( I need more practice! Do you stop the video or do you jut keep tapping the hole time???

  3. wowzers girl! you're amazing at videography. i love to take videos, but i can't get them anywhere near this good. xx

  4. Well that was pretty magical, wow. I especially love the last two minutes or so!

  5. I LOVED it! So lovely and calming to watch.

  6. I LOVED it! What a lovely and calming video.

  7. Found your blog a while ago and have enjoyed reading it so much! Your photography is a breath of fresh air and your cheerful posts remind me to rejoice in the simple days! I've watched your video several times and it is so lovely! Keep up the great work!!


  8. ahhhhh. MACKENZIE. my freakin' gosh, girl. you seriously need to stop being so good at everything you do. i mean it. (okay, i don't. but i just can't hand this awesomeness.) i watched this video about 3 times, and still can't get over how good it is. {i especially love the last 2 minutes; the horse (eeekkk), and your sister working with her (eeekk again. i love horse training.) and then the shot of the fireflies, and the horse walking through the field in the background. just ahhh. this is so beautiful, Mackenzie. gorgeous.



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