This Was The Year 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year past. 
If this was the kind of blog where I share my feelings and write long paragraphs, I might talk about what kind of year this was. 
Was it a good year?
A bad year?
A productive year?
A drawn-out year?
A year full of learning?
But I am not too good at that kind of thing. 
Not that I don't write long paragraphs...
I do. 
When I have the time. 
But this is a photography blog. 
I post pictures that I have taken; pictures I want to share with other people. 
But my ultimate goal is to glorify God.
In everything I do.
In my photography I want to show off His creation and the beauty He has placed all around us. 
I am so thankful for all I have learned this past year in photography, and I look forward to learning more in the year to come. 
So, much like last year, I have compiled some of my very favorite shots from this past year. 
From January, through the summer, all the way to December 30th (that would be yesterday). 
IMG_4750 IMG_3407 IMG_6398 IMG_8853 IMG_4406 IMG_5672 1 (59) IMG_0711 IMG_1252 IMG_1998IMG_8990 IMG_9779
IMG_6697IMG_1861IMG_7198IMG_9519 IMG_9762 IMG_9906
IMG_8772IMG_1660 IMG_2935-2IMG_6031
IMG_4335IMG_6313 IMG_6651 IMG_8116 IMG_9352
IMG_1229IMG_0191IMG_1836 IMG_2040 IMG_2948IMG_5434
IMG_3951IMG_5834 Moragn Family (Mackenzie Hope Photography) (228 of 265)IMG_1840
Moragn Family (Mackenzie Hope Photography) (244 of 265)IMG_2000 IMG_2543 IMG_3267 IMG_3364IMG_3953 IMG_4274IMG_4429 IMG_5092IMG_6230 IMG_7515

Happy New Year one and all! 
See you next year. 

Yours truly, 
Mackenzie Hope


  1. Beautiful pictures, and Happy New Year.
    I hope you have a awesome New Year's Eve too. :)

  2. these are all so gorgeous. my goodness. you are so talented! i really need to look into getting a 1.4 lens. i'm broke, but the pictures they produce are incomparable. ;) but it also takes a very talented photographer. which is what you are. ;)

    anyway, i'm rambling. gorgeous pictures, girl, and Happy New Year! <3

  3. Well aren't you just the most amazing? I'm serious. This year is going to hold so much for you, dear! ♥ And it seems like it's been longer, but yep.....this year I got to meet you. So it was a pretty good one for me, obviously. :-)

  4. Just beautiful, all of these. I've enjoyed seeing your photos though out the year. :)


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