People....from 2012

Friday, January 18, 2013

Last year was a wonderful year. I was so blessed to be able to take pictures of lots of people. 
I love taking pictures of people. It is just so much fun. 

So, here are a few (just a few mind you) of my very favorite pictures of people taken in 2012. 
Some of these I love because they are just showing off a personality trait of the person, and because of that they are my favorite. 
Here it goes. 

(Talk about personality traits! See the next couple) 
Bye now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!
Until next time, 
Mackenzie Hope

P.S Something new is going to be happening on my blog soon, so check back in on Monday!


  1. gorgeous pictures, Mackenzie! :) you have such a talent with photography...

    also, looking forward to those changes you mentioned. ;)


  2. Beautiful photographs, my dear friend! Many of these hold delightful memories for me -- even if I was just seeing them on your blog and wasn't actually "there" when the picture was taken. :) You've had a wonderful year photographically speaking! Wow, just think of what 2013 holds! Ah. It's nearly too exciting. =D
    I love each of these. Though the ones that look a bit filmy I am especially partial to. And I love that one of Ian and Jess's wedding where everybody is dancing around them. Incredible job, there. Oh, and that black and white one of you and Delaney? I think you should frame it. Goooorgeous. Even if you're making a funny face. You're still gorgeous. And that last one? Melts my heart.

    1. Thanks dear! The one of Delaney and me has to be the #1 picture of the year for me......Emily took it. =D But I love it because of my face I is just a natural moment. I have it framed up in my room. =D

    2. I guess great minds just think alike!

  3. Sorry for the ridiculously long comment, I just adore this post. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Mackenzie! I love all your goldenness they all have. I think my favorite is the one of your grandma, the one of you and Annelise, the one with Keiffer and the one of the Shock girl (I forget her name) and so mnay more. They're all fantastic! xx | natalia.
    p.s. i'm looking forward to the announcement and changes :D
    p.p.s. I'm also looking forward to our shoot this spring when it's green outside ;)

  5. wow i love these!!:) i love your photography so much!!!:)

  6. This is such a fun post, Mackenzie! And beauuutiful work! ;-)

  7. these are lovely! :) being your friend looks like so much fun :)


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