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Monday, January 6, 2014

We got a blizzard this weekend. 
A real snow-blowing, freezing-cold, ice-eveywhere, roads-closed, lots-of-inches-of-snow, many-lovely-drifts kinda' blizzard.
Ho boy.
You know the best part about it?
The whole family was stranded together. 
I wish I had pictures from last night.
But, I don't. 
So I will give you a run down on what occurred yesterday:
1. Church was canceled.
2. It started to snow.
3. We had family worship.
4. We then had a lovely lunch (soup is the best thing for blizzard weather).
5. It started snowing heavier.
6. Four of us began a Settlers of Catan tournament.
7. If you have never done this I would strongly suggest that you do.
8. We drank tea.
9. We ate popcorn.
10. The snow kept coming. 
11. And we were cozy and warm.
12. And getting competitive.
13. But having fun.
14. We took multiple breaks from out game and tea to shovel the quickly-accumulating snow.
15. We are thankful the power did not go out.

And we are all alive and well today.
And the record low temperature of the day was -17˚F.
My toes are cold.


Happy (cold) Monday from the Midwest!



  1. I have loved this blizzard.Great for photos.. And that last photo is adorable. :)

  2. AHH! That second one! Makes me want to sit in front of the fire and never move. They're brave.
    It was fun though, right? It's nice to have a blizzard once every 10 years or so. :-)


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