In Which I Do A Mini-Shoot

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This is Phoebe.
You may have met her before on this blog.
Or in person.
But you would remember if you met her in person.
Trust me.
She is darling.
With her big blue eyes, cute freckles, and hint of a southern accent she makes a lasting impression.
I had the pleasure of seeing her yesterday.
After making an attempt at volley-ball, eating bowls full of ice-cream, sitting in the sunshine and catching up, we resorted to picture taking.
I was feeling lazy, so we stayed in one spot the whole time.
So, here are a few shots from yesterday.

~Mackenzie Hope~


  1. so so lovely. I am so in love with your photography, m'dear. xx

  2. she's so pretty! i miss her. you're so talented!

  3. You got to see Phoebe? I'm jealous! Tell her I said hi! Love the pictures!

  4. So cute! The third from the bottom is my favorite. :)

  5. These all are sooo amazing! I love the black and white edits here. And the color ones are just wow. Totallyl fangirling over here!


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