A Little Adventure

Friday, June 7, 2013

Welp, the good days of summer have begun. 
Days of freshly mowed grass. 
Going to the beach. 
Having cookouts. 
Riding bikes. 
And going on adventures.
Yesterday was a day of adventure for me, The Little Brother, and my friend Anneliese. 
There was ice cream, walking, exploring, driving, sunglasses, and beautiful stain-glass windows. 
I suppose the pictures can tell a bit of a story all by themselves.

Also, I have finished editing pictures from wedding #2 of the year. 
I shall be posting soon.

Happy Friday! 

~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. I love this. :) Stunning pics!


  2. Umm... don't you know it's illegal to have that much fun without me? ;) Looks like a grand day!
    I love the pictures. You're so wonderful at capturing things like that.

  3. Looks like an amazing day! Where was that?
    I'm super excited to see your weddingsss :D

  4. I am SO in love with your photography. Seriously. The stills of the stained glass are gorgeous. ;) xx

  5. Oh goodness, this looks like fun! I can't believe that I've missed this many blog posts, and pictures, and just generally everything. I feel behind. I'm just going to put a universal comment to everything I've missed - "I like it". :-)


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