This Made Me Smile::Monday:: A Weekend Full of Fun

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day.
In America this day is usually marked with cookouts, family get-togethers (is "togethers" even a word?), and memorials to remember the men who have fought for our nation's freedom.   
My family and I got to enjoy the weekend by spending it with wonderful friends. 
Playing volley-ball.
Making music. 
Laughing together.
Getting dirty. 
Very dirty. 
Getting rained on.
Eating good food. 
Sitting around a bonfire.
Singing songs.  
'Twas loverly. 

Happy Monday! I hope it has been a lovely one for you. 

Also, for your information: 
I will be back to posting more VERY soon.
I have missed not posting all week. 
But, I have lots to post as soon as I am back on track. 
Thank you for your patience. 

Until next time... 

~Mackenzie Hope~


  1. AH, FUN! Is that Hannah I see going in for the dive? :-) This looks like a blast.

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  3. Looks like ya'll have had a blast! Is that you digging in that second picture? If so, way to go! haha! Looking forward to your more posting soon. Missed them. xx

  4. Just lovely. Volleyball is so much fun! <3

  5. It WAS a grand weekend, wasn't it? Especially the volleyball. Especially. The music wasn't bad either -- I love those songs. Food and dirt only made it more wonderful.


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