A Couple of Weeks Worth of Pictures

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As I promised, here is a blog post.
See, I told you I would be back soon.
Here I am.
Here is a random post.
Here are more pictures of the same.
Cameras in mirrors.
The Little Brother.
The dogs.
Another bouquet.
More random pictures.
A wedding preview.
Like I said, some more of the same.

Yours very truly, 
Mackenzie Hope


  1. Wow, girl! Your creativity astounds me. I just love you and your photography. Mhm. Awesome. I would try to list my favorites but it would take way too long so I'll just say that they're all my favorites. Because that would be pretty much true.

  2. You need to stop because you're getting a little too amazing. (Just kidding never stop because I love your photography so much and I think you're adorable!!) Also, this is a random question, but do you try to take pictures every day?

    1. Thanks a ton!
      To answer your question: I don't really try to take pictures every day, I just do because I love it so much.

  3. Wow, these are so good. And Essie Jane's right, you are so creative! <3

  4. I honestly cannot express how absolutely lovely your stills are. seriously. everything about them is swoon-worthy and so creatively beautiful. xx

  5. Hey I know that place! I LOVE the cloud and bird picture. You are so talented young lady.


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