Sunshine and Friends

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello. Hullo. Hi. Howdy. Greetings. 
I am back for a little visit. Forgive my lack of posting pictures. I will try to better myself. 
As I was editing some pictures the last few days from various places I saw two different groups that I just had to share.  These two groups had two things in common: Friends and Sunlight. 
On Sunday I was blessed to enjoy spending the day hanging out with some of the girls at our church. They are wonderful young ladies. 
As the sun started to sink, we defied the cold and went out to take pictures.
These girls are really so fun, always laughing. I love laughter.
Don't ask about the next one, I don't want to explain. 
Earlier in the week I got to spend a substantial amount of time with my wonderful friend Phoebe.  One evening, as the sun was setting, I begged her to model for just a few pictures. 
She agreed.
She is nice like that. 
My friends put up with me so well. 

And my personal favorite:
And, even earlier in the week (the 27th to be exact) I was blessed to be able to shoot my second wedding! This one was for Phoebe's older sister Ruth and her man Jason. I will post more ASAP, but for now here is one.  

Well now, that is all I have today. 
Except one more thing. I have a list of a few things I am thankful for today:
1. God's Word
4.My little brother 
7.My older sister
8.The stars
9.My mom and dad
10. Sleep (......that sounds really good right now)

Those are the top 10 things that come to my mind. 
Have a wonderful evening. 
Yours Truly,
Mackenzie Hope


  1. I love of these! So fun. They just make you want to burst out giggling from the joy in each of them. :) You're great at capturing that, Kenze!
    I love the one from the wedding!!!! So creative. Well executed, also. :)

  2. Wow!!! This post is so great!!!:) I love the pictures!!


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