In Which I am A Hopeless Optimist

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some people, when they look out at the clouds billowing in the west (that is the direction I look), dread the storm that is making it's way in. 
Not me. 
Nope, I love storms, rain, thunder, lightning, and puddles I can jump in. 
But, I have said all of the above many times on this blog. 
Just thought I would reiterate. 
Rain, to some, is just something that keeps them from basking in the sun. 
Nevertheless, I am a hopeless optimist. Rain, to me, is an opportunity to do the following: 
1. Drink tea
2.Wrap up in a blanket
3.Sit on the front porch and breath fresh air
4.Eat food
5.Read books
6. Go puddle hopping

Yes, of course, you can do all those things on a day filled with sunshine, but I find it much cozier to do them on a rainy day.(especially to mix numbers 1-5 together and do them all at once) 

As I sat in my house today enjoying the lovely rain, I though to myself "What can I take pictures of inside the house?"
I found the following: 
1. The dogs. They always seem to be around somewhere. Sleeping, or eating......or sleeping.

2.My always seems to be around as well. 

3. La Teapot! 

4. Our little globe. I love globes....I mean they tell you where everything is! (yeah, way to state the obvious right?)
5. The piano.
There is something about this is musical. (yeah, call me Confucius)

Later, I made my little way outside. 
This is a picture of me making my little way outside. 
This is the front of our little house. 

Well now, that was exciting. 

I am getting ready to shoot a wedding on Saturday which I am pretty excited about. There are 20 people in the wedding party and it is indoors. Way different from the last wedding I did. Thankfully, this time a wonderful friend is going to do it with me! So if I do get really nervous and faint (which I don't usually do) she will be there to capture the shots needed. 
Okay, that was pretty random.
Just thought I would share. 
Even though it doesn't really matter to the general public. 
You really didn't have to read that last part, but if you did well.........thank you.

It may be Monday, but hey, tomorrow is Tuesday (and the day after that is Wednesday, and two days after that is Friday....I like Mondays, they have so much to look forward to).

The end. 
~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Good for you, Miss Optimist! I think that is a very good thing to be. :)
    I adore all the free-lensing shots -- my favorite is the one of your toes.

  2. Absolutely lovely. And I agree with you about the rain. I grew up in in a small neighborhood in NW Indiana, and I loved looking out our big window in the living room on rainy fall evenings. Seeing the leaves shine and glimmer in a steady trickle of rain and the light of the lamp-posts from one neighbors yard was just too romantic. My grandma always loved rainy days too. She said they were perfect for a book and a lemon drop :)


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