A Sunlight to Candlelight Evening

Friday, July 13, 2012

On Wednesday evening my 4 siblings, my lovely sister-in-law ,a few friends and I headed to a local walking-park. 
It was some kind of park.
It has a lot of paths in it.
So I will call it a walking-park. 
My two older sisters,little brother and I arrived a tad bit before everyone else, so I pulled out my ever-present camera and started shooting.
The light was amazing so I said to my sisters, "Guys! Go walk in the field!"
The did it, but reluctantly. 
"People are watching!" they said.
"So what?!? Does it really matter?!" I replied to them, and then gave them a push and turned on my camera. 

People say that these two look like twins. I guess they might. 
But I have grown up with them, so I really would not know. 
They are nuts. 
Wouldn't you agree? 
My little brother stood by the car and looked on while his sisters posed.
Finally I forced him to join us too. 
He complied.

He is cool like that.

Look at them cuties! (yes, I did mean to say them)

We all have this habit of pinching Bud's cheeks.
 Poor kid.
The life of the youngest sibling. 
Then we had a picnic when the others showed up. 
With candles. 

We also read. 
Everyone brought good books, stories, and poems to read out loud. 
It was epic.

 All in all the evening was lovely. 

I am so thankful for good friends and wonderful siblings. 
The end. 

Happy Friday!!!!
~Mackenzie Hope 

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  1. So pretty photos. Such an awesome story to them too. :)


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