In Which I Explain and Share Some Pictures

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Friday evening my lovely sisters and I set out on an adventure.
Well, okay so, it was not exactly an adventure. 
We were on our way to take our sister-in-law out for her birthday dinner. 
I do not have any pictures of the birthday girl. Sorry.
But I have plenty pictures of my crazy siblings.
We had a lovely dinner.
This is my lovely sister. 
She is lovely.
Her hair is lovely. 
I use that word way too much. 
After dinner we stepped over to a local ice cream shop and got some ice cream (everyone day "duuuuuuhhh!").
This is my other lovely sister wearing my older brother's hat. 
We took our ice cream and walked down town. Our little town is quite nice, we love it. 
This next picture is of me and my older brother. 
My hair is falling out. (cringe)
Please note: My older brother is 6'5. 
I am almost as tall as him (cringe again) .
In this picture I was trying to wipe off the many drops of chocolate ice cream off my skirt. 
My skirt was a mess. (cringe for a third time) 
(Last three photos, the credit to my older sister)
Now comes the fun/crazy part.

Are you ready to see three of the nuttiest kiddoes in town? 

No, you most likely aren't, but I will show you anyway. 

Okay, before I go on I will explane everything.
In this picture we have the three oldest kids in our family.

There are 5 of us in all.
In the middle is the oldest, my brother. He is married and lives in town.

We call him Jem.
He is a nut. 
But I love him.
He is also very smart and philosophical. 
Next to him we have my oldest sister. The on with the blond hair. She is #2 in the clan. 
She has the coolest hair ever. Everyone says she looks like Taylor Swift. 
But we call her Hoss. 
She just got back from a college semester in Ireland.
Yes, I am quite envious.

The next one (#3) is my other older sister. We see her a lot on my blog.
I call her Shmane.(long story)
She is 4 years older than me. (but I am 4 inches taller than her)
Guess what she does? She sews. She is a wiz with a needle. 
A wiz.
Like really good. 
Next in line is me (they call me Kenzie) and then my little bro. He is always on this blog.
But he wasn't out with us this night.
We missed him greatly.
I call him Bud.
He is brilliant.
Okay, so now you know who everyone is.
I will continue with my original post. 
Where was I?
Oh yes I know:
"Are you ready to see three of the nuttiest kiddoes in town? 
No, you most likely aren't, but I will show you anyway. "

Ready for cute? 
He is slightly a ham. 
Well....they all are hams.
And, I have to admit *blush* am I.
I think it comes as being one of the family. 

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, it's SUMMER, and God loves me (and you too!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can't I be happy? 
I can't help but be joyful when I think of all the wonderful things I DO have, and just STOP thinking of all the things I don't have (I mean, why would I ever want a Canon 5D mark III??).
I am jumping off the walls with JOY, because it is down in my heart and I hope it overflows. 
The end. 

Yours Truly, 
Mackenzie Hopie


  1. Such a happy, fun (goofy) post! =D
    Looks like you had a lovely time. May I have some of your ice cream cone? Thank you. ;)
    What kind is it anyway?

  2. Loving this post. Such good photos and memories here. :)
    I should do this. And I totally can relate to crazy siblings. I've got 5 of them. :)
    Your post have really been inspiring me lately. <3


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