Biking with Bud

Monday, July 9, 2012

On Saturday evening I convinced my littl' bro to go on a bike ride with me. 
Bud is just nice like that.
By the way, yes I call my little brother "Bud", just for those of you who don't know us personally. Because everyone who knows us personally knows that I call him that. 
Have I clarified enough? 
Okay, back to story.
We went on a nice little bike ride. 
I threw my hunk of a camera case in my bike basket, whith my boots.
The boots were for later when I was going to take care of some horses that I am horse sitting for a week or two. 
That last sentence had so many grammar errors in it......sorry all you dear people who were cringing when reading my horrible sentence. 
I will try to reform in future sentences. 
Anyway, to clarify: Bike, camera case, boots. 
Get it? 
Got it. 
(name the movie)

We stopped every few minutes to take pictures, much to Bud's irritation. But he put up with me rather well.
He is a good man.
Little brother.
Pleasant fella isn't he? 
P.S, yes I was barefoot, and I wonder why people look at me funny.....
We edventually biked ourselves to a small/vintage church down the road.
I have been wanting to take pictures of this church for years, but have never gotten around to it. 
During time that I was taking the pictures of the church I turned around and saw my little brother looking all cool. 
So I took this picture:
Epic I know.
(My dear friend Lydia always uses that word (epic), I started using it after meeting her a couple years ago. I like that word. And Lydia. Hey Lydia!)
I think I will call this picture "Corn Man"

Later, I stopped by to take care of the horses.
I have no pictures of the said horses, I wasn't in the mood.
Buuuuuttt...these kittens live at the barn, and I could not resist a shot or two. 
They like to tussle.

Happy Monday all! 

Yours Truly,
Mackenzie Hope


  1. These are wonderful! I am so sad that neither of my sibs quite share my love of bicycle rides.(And that old church building is amazing! It would be great for a photoshoot.)

  2. Oh yes,and is the quote from "The Court Jester"? :-)


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