A Friend and Her Flute

Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Sunday we went skiing.
There was snow everywhere!....except for on the ground.
The only snow we had was on the slopes.
It was really ice pretending to be snow.
We really did have a blast, the icy "snow" made for some good speed.

I did a photo-shoot with my friend Lydia on Monday. 
I loved doing this shoot because I had so much fun. Lydia has a lovely laugh and smile, she was a pure joy to take pictures of. 
Thanks for letting me do this Lydia!

So here are some of the best (or my favorites) of the bunch. 

She plays flute very well (and I mean very!), hence the flute.
You can see (and hear) some of her stuff here.

Most of the time I would tell her to frown, "Look mad! Look angry!" I said and she would try. 
"Why? Why did you tell her to look mad?" you ask.
...Every time she would frown and try to look mad she would break out laughing. 
Her laughter is lovely. 

All-in-all we had a great time and I learned one new concept about Photography.
Except for that I have to re-learn it every time.
You want to know what it is?
Arggggg....I do this all the time! So every time I do a photo-shoot I have at least 30% blurry pictures from either me moving while taking the picture, or out of focus because I was in to much of a hurry. Tut tut. I will have to reform.
Hmmmm......hey, it was cold outside, so my fingers were really cold, so maybe I had a right to have them out of focus.....maybe.
You think so?

Maybe not.
Maybe I was just rushing like a bad girl.
No excuses for me!
I have learned my lesson.
So there.

The end.
Have a great weekend!

-Mackenzie Hope

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  1. #1 ever rule on a shoot? I think that it's DEFINITELY "DON'T RUSH!!!!" I have such a hard time with that one, but I am really trying to get better at it.
    But despite your rushing, you still got some great shots! They look really sweet and natural. :)


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