Black Rasberry Picking - Summertime Bliss

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer is so wonderful for many things.
For going barefoot. 
For swimming and spending time at the beach. 
For being carefree. 
For doing big projects. 
For reading good books. 
And summer is good for berry picking. 
So that is just what we did. 
IMG_9101 IMG_9084 IMG_9105 IMG_9098 IMG_9106 IMG_9114 IMG_9161 IMG_9107 IMG_9142 IMG_9153 IMG_9135

~Mackenzie Hope~

P.S. I always think of this post when I think of Summer Berry Picking


  1. Yum. Black raspberries are by far my favorite!

    1. Ok, or, blackberries? Just noticed the title, ha!


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