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Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Yours Truly , 
Mackenzie and Grandma Shirley


  1. Aw, so much love in this post! And art. I always especially love the photos of your Grandma, she's just adorable.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. Grandma Shirley is the sweetest! You can't help but love her just by seeing pictures, Mackenzie! =) This IS a very artful post... yours always inspire me to get back to posting on my blog more often. ;-) The second picture is AmAzInG! The BOKEH and COLORS! And of course all the ones of your grandma. And you. =)

  3. Great shots, Mackenzie! Reading your blog inspires me to take out my camera and take some pictures! p.s. your Grandma is adorably cute! makes me wish mine lived closer :)

  4. ah, girl. once again, you've blown me away with your pictures. GOLLY. just, oh my goodness. i can't take the gorgeousness of these. the vibrant colors, the bokeh, the smiles, your grandma (who is beautiful, by the way--as are you!) and the one of you two is absolutely precious. ;) just my goodness. LOVE these. :)


  5. Lovely photographs :) You are an amazing photographer! And it is such a pleasure to browse your blog.

    Our Recipe For Happiness

  6. So everyone's saying this, but I really love the way you photograph your grandma. Especially the ones in this post that are her in profile. There's a real stillness and peace in those photos that's almost palpable. The sensibility in them is artistic, almost documentary or journalistic, if you take my meaning, and kind in the way they portray her with tranquility.

    1. Thank you Dave. You are so good with words.


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