This Is A Story That Is Begging To Be Told

Friday, June 14, 2013

This is a story. 
A story of friends who have always been together. A story of laughter. A story of campouts. And hide-and-seek in the dark. Pen pals. Sleepovers. Adventures. The Cubs and the Sox. Horses. Curly hair.  The Lord Of The Rings. The Daily Homestead. Shepherds Piece.  Spokane Washington. Little siblings. July 21st 2011. Christmas morning. New Years Eve. The summer of weddings.
A story of growing up.
This is a story of friendship.
A story that can't wait to be told.
IMG_2057 IMG_2042
Theirs is a story that will last forever, no matter where their paths go. 
Because these girls are friends; and that is what friendship is about.
Being friends no matter what happens.

And I can't wait to watch what happens.

Tomorrow is a big day for these five girls, but especially for Kyrstin (in the middle with the flower).
Tomorrow is her wedding day.
The excitement is sky high, as everyone looks at the immense blessings from the LORD over the past couple of years. No person could have written a better story than The Author who made their story perfect in every way. 
And they lived happily every after, to the end of their days. 
The end. 

Happy friday! 

~Mackenzie Hope~ 

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