A Rainy Day // Styled Shoot

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It was a rainy day.
The wind was pounding on the walls of our cozy  brick house. The rain was coming in waves, one minute stinging everything in its path and the next softly brushing it.
I was feeling inspired. 
Rain does that to me. 
When it rains inspiration seems to pour down with the drops themselves.  
Enter sister:
She was just sitting around, I think she was reading a book, and in comes little Mackenzie saying, "You wouldn't want to dress up and pose for pictures for me would you? (confusing sentence, I know)" 
She surprised me and said yes. 
So she got dressed (in my dress I might note), did her hair and makeup, and we headed out, armed with umbrellas, to see what we could do with this lovely rain. 
It had mostly stopped by the time we got out there, but the clouds gave us a nice effect, and the sun came out a bit in the end. 
I am thankful for my sisters who help me expand my creative interests.
IMG_1305 IMG_1283 IMG_1287 IMG_1296 IMG_1311-3 IMG_1318 IMG_1338 IMG_1369 IMG_1375 IMG_1489-2 IMG_1393 IMG_1506 collaged IMG_1661 IMG_1330 IMG_1420-2 IMG_1597-2 IMG_1611 IMG_1514 IMG_1602-2 IMG_1644 IMG_1869 IMG_1626-2 IMG_1646 IMG_1792-2 IMG_1658 IMG_1705 IMG_1671 IMG_1763 IMG_1808 IMG_1800 IMG_1334 IMG_1823 IMG_1913 IMG_1855-2 IMG_1897 IMG_1884 IMG_1861-2

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!
~Mackenzie Hope~ 


  1. Ohhhhhhh.... *heart flutters*
    Mackenzie, this is most absolutely positively my favorite shoot from you. Aren't sister-models the best?? Wowwww. I adore the black and white wide angle where' she's swishing her hair. And of course the last one. Several took my breath away. All of them are gorgeous. (I need to go find some long grass. Gracious! So gorgeous!)

  2. these are gorgeousss! i love them. this sounds weird, but she looks way grown up. before she always looked like a older teenager but she looks like an adult! haha.

    btw, i'm looking forward to our shoot someday. hopefully soon!

  3. Um. Um.
    I have nothing profound to say about these, except that they're just, amazing and wonderful. And you're great. I like these more than any session I've seen from anyone, for months.

  4. *eeep* I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!! rainy skies give some of the most delicious lighting...but your stills are just so magical. love. love. love. :)

  5. these are all so incredible! you have such an eye for photography! so beautiful :)


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