These Are The Things I Want To Remember Forever

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We have good days. 
And we have bad days. 
We have funny days. 
And we have sad days.
(that was not meant to is just what came out) 
I always want to remember every day with her. 
Because she is my Grandma (see post from last summer all about her), and I love her. 
I want to remember everything about her.
But most of all I want to remember:
1. Her little laugh.
2. The way she walks (or shuffles).
3. How, when she sings, she acts like she is conducting an army of musicians. 
4. Her wedding ring that can't come off her hand because it has been there for 60-some years.
5. The way she calls me "Doll-baby" and "Honey-pot".
6. The funny words she invents. 
7. How she blows kisses across the room.
8. How she consistently feeds the dogs every meal no matter how many times she is told not to. 
9. Her little pink slippers. 
10. How , when I tell her to smile, she says "Hello camera, Grandma proud of you!" and waves.

Yours truly,
Mackenzie Hope


  1. May I just say, "Awwwwwww!!!"
    This is so terribly sweet. Your words and pictures are beautiful. So is your grandma -- I just love her!

  2. this is so beautiful. I'm crying. your such a phenomenal photographer, m'dear. xx

  3. I can't get over how PRECIOUS these are, Mackenzie! My, my. Your grandma is adorable, and as I said - these are so so so sweet. What a treasure these must be!

  4. these are so precious. you captured her perfectly. i just love it. so sweet. xx

  5. Aw, Grandma's are the she blows kisses and smiles is just beautiful. :)

  6. Wow, excellent post. I love the B&W one with her hand and wedding ring. :)

  7. Aww. This is too sweet for words, Mackenzie! I wish that I could have talked to your Grandma a little more, she just seemed like the cutest thing ever. I love these, a lot.

  8. wow! WoW!!!
    what a beautiful post in every way.
    wow, wow, wow!

  9. How sweet! Such a great smile!

  10. These are probably the sweetest pictures ever. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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