So Very Sweet

Monday, May 6, 2013

It is Monday once again! How time flies! 
You met my sister Meredith and her man (aka boyfriend *gasp!*) Dave briefly in this post, the one picture I got of the two of them together is pretty silly, but that was their fault. 
They wouldn't smile. 
Or pose. 
Or even stand anywhere near each other just so I couldn't get a picture of them. 
Well, they regretted that. 
So this past Sunday (that would be yesterday wouldn't it?), while they were siting on the front porch chatting and laughing (like any typical couple), I laid down the law. 
"No guys" I said, "You are always telling me that you want a good picture of the two of you, and I really do try. So, if you will at least smile a bit I will try to get one or two."
They agreed. 
Because (of course ) I was right. 
So I took pictures. 
While they talked. 
And laughed. 
And made silly faces. 
And out of all those silly faces and squinty eyes I may have gotten a few gems. 
They are pretty cute no? 

I hope you are having a simply splendid Monday friends ,family and fellow bloggers (and any other 
miscellaneous person who may be reading this)!! 

The end. 
~Mackenzie Hope~ 

P.S Check back tomorrow for a blog post that will have pictures in it that are dear to my heart. *sniff*


  1. ahhh, these pictures are simply adorable, Mackenzie dear. what an adorable (and i mean adorable) couple. :) xx.

  2. absolutely beautiful mackenzie!!!

  3. They are a cute couple! And your sister's hair....I could go on but I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned before. :-)

  4. awww! I love these! You look a lot like her. :) Gorgeous photos!


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