Grandma, Grandma, Grandma

Friday, June 22, 2012

I would like you all to meet someone very special:
This is my Grandmother.
Her name is Shirley, but everyone calls her just "Grandma".
She has pretty severe Alzheimer's disease (stage 3ish) and has lived with our family for a year and a half now.
I love my Grandma. When she is cheerful she makes everyone laugh along with herself.
She has so many little sayings (doesn't every grandparent?) like:
"Go, go, go with Harriet Beecher Stowe!" all of us Grandkids have taken to saying this. Sometimes I will be playing a tough soccer game and will be chearing one of my teammates on and say, "Go, go, go with Harriet Beecher Stowe!" then I will look at  my little brother (he is usually close by) and laugh really hard. Everyone else just looks at us funny. 
 When we have something good to eat she says, 
"It's deli-ci-ious, nu-tri-ious, and makes me feel am-bit-ious"
The other day her and I went for a little walk down the driveway. I (of course) brought my camera along. At one point I asked her if I could take a picture of her and she said, "Sure honey, but I don't want my face to break you nice camera!" 
She is a cutie alright. 

I love my Grandma loads and loads.

As hard as it is to see her not her "normal-self" anymore, she is a pure joy to have.
Really, there is not a day gone by when we are laughing and having fun with her. 

God has taught me so much from little Grandma Shirley.
The time that we have had Grandma has been the best time of my life.
No kidding. 

I love you Grams!
Your Highness.
Grandma America.
Shirley Girly. 

Yours Truly, 
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. This post is so sweet! I love the picture of you and your grandma holding hands. So sweet! <3

    ~Dakota Nicole

  2. This is the most beautiful post ever! You will look back on this one day and cherish these photos forever. :)

  3. Aw,this is wonderful! Your Grandma is a beautiful lady! My grandparents have lived with us for the past three years,and I'm so glad that they have been here.

  4. This is so sweet, Mackenzie!!!! Really beautiful like Jordan said. I am always blessed by the way to interact with your grandma. <3

    P.S. What kind of nail polish is that on your toes? So different and cute!

    1. Thanks Sarah!
      The nail polish is crackle. +D I love it!

  5. This is such a sweet post. :)
    Your grandma is so adorable! I can tell you are cherishing every single moment with her, and that is great, because sometimes the moments that we miss, we never get to re-live with them.

  6. Stop outblogging me! Great minds think alike I suppose. Lovely. :)

  7. Adorable. I love my grandma too. Grandma's are such a blessing! :)

  8. Heyy Mackenzie!!! So I found your blog... Yay! :) It was SOOO awesome seeing you last week... Hope it won't be too long till we see you guys again! :) Your pictures are REALLY good too. I love them. Hope you're having a wonderful week!



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