In Which We Take pictures On Easter Weekend (Part 2)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 It was Easter Sunday and we had just gotten home from church. It really was a lovely and warm day, with loads of sunshine. 
As I said in my last post (part 1) my sisters were home from school. Delaney brought home her friend Courtney (hey girl!) who is also a photographer.
So, on Sunday after church we all decided to go on a walk. 
I, of course, really wanted to take pictures (rather than just walk). So I suggested to walk in the pasture. I could see that the clouds were billowing in the south, so I knew they would make a great backdrop, just like this shoot I did last spring.
 For the most part everyone posed for me......except for a couple of people who would not listen to a word I said (no names.....*cough Dave* *cough Meredith*), no matter how much I begged them.....
Next time. 

*ahem* And introducing the most adorable, and good looking couple on this side of the planet......

The end. 
I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday!!!


  1. Y'all are just too photogenic, okay? Stop it. Beautiful. I love all of them -- especially the ones of you! And that last frame? hahahahaha.

  2. That sky is gorgeous and I love all the genuine smiles and laughs. I can tell you all had a great time :)

  3. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. gah, these pictures. ;) SO much fun, and so beautiful!


    p.s. Your email IS coming, I promise! i went on an unexpected trip for a few days, but now i'm back, and will be finishing it. :D soon. :)

  4. you're all so beautiful! i love your dress! :) and the affect of the wind :) beautiful :)

  5. The one with Dave in the background crossing the yard like Sasquatch is too much fun. Lol.

  6. The one with Dave in the background crossing the yard like Sasquatch is the best. Lol.


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