This Made Me Smile::Monday::Music

Monday, March 25, 2013

Over the past week and weekend I have enjoyed a lot of wonderful music.
Music from my little brother's violin.
Singing with friends.
Music from my iPod.
Grandma singing along with her movies.
Worship at church.
Listing to my sisters sing.
Sunday morning praise on the radio. 
My little brother playing guitar.
Calling a friend to sing/play happy birthday.

I have always enjoyed music. 
I think it is in my blood. 
I love worship.
To sing.
To make music with any instrument I pick up (even if I can't play it....I sure try. Ouch.)

Music makes me jump for joy.
And it makes me smile.

Happy Monday!



  1. Music is incredible! God's is always speaking through it and moving me!
    And beautiful photos. :)

  2. "This made me smile: Music." Agreed. =D

  3. amen. i agree with all my heart :) i love these two pictures! they look so vintage :)


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