I Think The Sun Was Celebrating The First Day Of Spring

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You know what today is right?
It is my favorite day of the year. 
Well, besides Christmas....
and my birthday
and Thanksgiving
and all of those other days that I like.
Besides that, today is my favorite: The First Day of Spring! 
To celebrate this monumental day, the sun came up in splendor.
Golden, bright, and glorious. 

Enjoying the sunshine of spring,


  1. Wow, Mackenzie! These are splendiforous!! The one with the curtain with the soft light where it just sort of fades off in to the dark -- it is so gorgeous! Each of these is delightful and sparkling and glorious!
    Happy first day of spring!!

  2. these.pictures.Mackenzie. excuse me while i swoon over then. okayyyy. i'm good. but seriously. they are GORGEOUS. girl. beautiful. amazing. yup. and Happy First Day of Spring! ;) can't believe it's here already. wow. :)

    :hugs: <3

  3. Oh. My. I adore your Bible! Where did you get it?!

    1. Thanks, my parents got it for me it is a MacArthur Study Bible.

  4. The golden light on the wall below the faerie gardens was the first thing I noticed when I came downstairs this morning. I love that you captured that. And everything else. And I love you. x

  5. Gorgeous pictures. :) You have a very creative eye. Sunrises and sunsets are just incredible. They're amazing reminders of God's incredible creation and love. <3 Yes, it was the first day of spring, but it's still so cold! Haha.

  6. it's amazing how sunlight can change everything and make it super magical! i love how you've captured it so magically :) these are amazing! :)


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