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Monday, March 11, 2013

Welp. It's Monday again. 
One of the first things that came to my mind this morning (besides the fact that I was exhausted because of the time change and all I needed was a cup of nice hot tea) was the question about what I was going to write a blog post about today.
When I started writing posts on Mondays it was because I wanted to post something that really did make me smile. 
Not just post something because I had to.
 I wanted this something to make me smile every time I thought of it.
 I wanted it to be something that meant something in my life. 
I wanted it to make you smile (because Mondays can be hard sometimes).
When I was thinking about what I wanted to post today this picture was at the top of my list.
I posted this picture in a blog post back in the summer. 
I had taken it while riding my bike. after a little rain storm.
 Nothing in particular stood out to me at first about it, but soon I realized that I loved this picture for the following reasons:
1.It is of my wonderful bike which I love
2. I happen to spend a lot of the warm days in the year peddling around on this bike 
3. Riding my bike is one of my very favorite things to do for fun
4. Rain is also one of my very favorite things, and it this picture it makes some nice bokeh 
5. I love the colors of this picture, it is not like one of my normal edits
6. I was most likely barefoot
This picture just makes me smile because it brings back fond memories of relaxing summer days. Days where I was free to be carefree. 
I was free to  ride my bike down the road; sometimes singing. 
Sometimes talking to my little brother who would ride alongside me at times.
Sometimes just riding as hard as I could so I could feel the fresh wind in my hair and on my face. 
This picture illustrates an ideal day to me, and in a way it illustrates joy.
And joy is a wonderful thing. 
So, this picture makes me smile. 
The end. 

Forgive the many words that may not have made a bit of sense, 
Mackenzie Hope


  1. It makes perfect sense! I love bike riding and rain! And this photo is beautiful. The colors and bokeh are stunning! :)

  2. Bike lovers everywhere, unite. :-)


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