Friday, August 24, 2012

Hullo all!
Summer is almost over! I can't believe it! It has been a summer that has taught me a lot.
I am sorry I have not posted more often, I have been pretty busy with life.
Ahhhhhh life. 
One evening this week we got to go to the beach to watch the was an unusually lovely sunset, showing off God's glory. 

We have been playing a lot of volleyball with some friends lately. \
My little brother has been doing very well. I think his hight helps (he is 6'4!) 
The weather has been amazing here, with lots of rain. 
Have I ever said how much love rain? 
I do. 
On good rainy days I get to use my boots. 
I love my boots. 
Love 'em. 
I like to wear them everywhere. my new favorite cup. 
I do a lot of bike riding too. 

My sister is on her way back to college on Sunday, we will miss her. The other evening the light was amazing so I snapped a few head shots of her when we stopped at a gas station. She leaned out of the window and I snapped away. 
I have been loving the wind, the rain, the sunshine and the break in the hot weather. 

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have a great weekend!!

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy thats me!!! haha :)

  2. Hullo!!!!
    Love this post -- little tidbits about your "life." :) I must say that picture #2 is my favorite, the flare and the focus are just perrrrfect. Oh, and the volleyball shots are pretty cool too (I'm happy to hear that you're practicing haha!!) I love your boots and your teacup as well. Such happy pictures of you and your sister!
    Must run, dear. I will email you as soon as possible but I haven't had a spare moment in the last couple of days. (I didn't even get a chance to open a school book yesterday! ah!)

  3. These shots are so gorgeous and summery!! I LOVE that bike picture. I don't ride very much but am obsessed with vintage bikes, jewelry, etc. :)


    Please submit to this!! You would definitely get in.

  5. Hey Mackenzie! Here is my email-

    Btw, my green bracelet was attached to your camera strap so please bring it next Sunday! :)

    ~Naomi <3


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