A Bit of My Day

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I took a couple pictures today.
Here and there I would pull out my camera and take a picture of something that caught my eye. Some thing that I thought would make a good photograph.
I think photographers see in photographs.
So, here are a few of today's shots.

Yours, truly,
Mackenzie Hope


  1. mmm, love these, Mackenzie. :) so so so gorgeous. :) :) x

  2. These are so wonderful and whimsical and charming, dear Mackenzie! Is that snow on the deck in the amazingly gorgeous picture with the colorful sparkly stuff?

    1. No, that sparkly stuff is really sparkles, you see I was trying to do the "blowing thing" (as you see I did with the paper) with the sparkles, but it didn't work and made a mess. =D

  3. I LOVE all of these. So sweet and beautiful.

  4. Love love the silhouette, Mackenzie! They are all wonderful - so glad to see you are enjoying your new lens so much! =) And this is sort of off topic, but I'm really SO excited to see how wonderfully you document those weddings later this year. ;-)

  5. i love all of these! especially the sparkly bokeh one :) my goodness you're amazing! :)


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