Thursday Randomness

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It is Thursday! 
You know what that means right? 
It means that tomorrow is Friday!!!!!
Okay, well, I am glad we got that cleared up. 
I took a little walk around my house today trying to find things to take pictures of to share with you. 
So here they are: 

Photo #1: Sunlight coming through the window. 
We get this wonderful sunlight almost every day through this window.
I am in love. 

Photo #2: After spending days making snowflakes, I got to tape them on the windows.....I am very proud of them. 

Photo #3. Mom's Christmas decorations are so cute! 

Photo #4. See #3

Photo #5: I have not posted a picture of my puppy Kessy in a long time! 
I love this dog. 

Photo #6: This is a mirror in my grandma's room.......I like this mirror. 
That is all I have to say about this photo. 

Photo #7: Grandma eating lunch, she is just the cutest!

Photo #8: Time sure does fly!
Photo #9: I found myself.
I like the light here. 
What is going on with my hands? 

Photo #10: Knitting

Photo #11: I love maps.......this is Scotland. 
I want to go there. 

Photo #12: The Hobbit is coming out tonight/tomorrow......AHHHHH!!! I am pumped. 

Photo #13: See #12
Don't even look at my finger at the bottom of the picture!
HA! You looked!

Photo #14: Yours truly, 


  1. Awwww... what a deelightful post! Thanks for the beautiful peek in to your day! =D Your snowflakes are wonderful, the window light is glorious, your dog is adorable. What are you knitting?

  2. Awww I love these!!! Your dog is the cutest thing!!!! I LOVE IT!!

  3. This is so fun! I love how you captured little corners of your home. I love the picture of you reflected in the mirror, your hair looks lovely! And your grandma eating lunch <3 I love watching my grandma eat lunch too.

    Guess who's going to see the Hobbit in like 8 hours? =)

  4. The picture of you grandma is adorable, yes I did look at your finger, and I want so badly to go to Scotland too. Oh, and that picture of you is amazing...the colors,your scarf, and I love the way your hands look in it. (The hair is wonderful too. I envy your hair skills.)
    I thin that about covers it. :-) Have a lovely winter evening!


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