Christmas Bokeh and Such

Monday, December 10, 2012

Yo-ho there! 
(don't ask me why I said "yo-ho", I have no idea don't ask me)
We put our little tree up on Saturday.
I was very excited about this.
You know why? 
Because I could take pictures of it (my little brother would be rolling his eyes right now)! 
My vary favoritest thing about Christmas trees is their wonderful ability to look good in pictures. 
Score #1. 
Their wonderful smell (if they are real) 
Score #2.
And that they are pretty. 
Score #3. 
(I know that last one was a repeat of the last two......just had to clarify)
And one more thing: They make WONDERFUL bokeh (pronounced Bo-ka). 
"Bokeh?" you say "I am not following with your complicated photographer language."
Oh sorry, I will clarify. 
Bokeh: In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. (see next picture) 
To a photographer, bokeh is one of the most magical things on earth.
You ask a photographer: "You want an ice-cream cone or a picture with amazing bokeh in it?" They would reply, "BOKEH!!!" and jump up and down. 
We are odd like that. 
But, I would like an ice-cream cone next to bokeh.
Anyway, back to the point; bokeh is wonderful. 
Especially on Christmas trees. 
( I am going to go off subject again) It is not only found on Christmas trees though you can find it anywhere. I am going to see if you were paying attention  (POP QUIZ!), find the bokeh in the following pictures:

Okay, so do you have it down now?
I will proceed. 
*Eh-hem* Bokeh is wonderful.
Especially at Christmas time and on Christmas time! 
(Raise your hand if you have noticed that I like to repeat myself) 
*raises hand*
My Flickr has one more picture from this set.

So, I hope you are having a wonderful Monday (it is Monday right?). 
My Monday has been good because of the following: 
1.Snow was in our forecast today (not that we got any but I am hopeful)
2. My little brother is getting really good at violin, it makes me happy to hear him fiddling away
3. The Hobbit is coming out in 5 days (is anyone else really excited about this?)
4. I got to sleep in 
5. I got to have my favorite tea for breakfast
6. I got to read Romans in my Bible this morning. I loved it! 
The end.
I will do my upmost best at posting more soon. 

~Mackenzie Hope


  1. wow I really LOVE your photography!!! When I looked at it, it felt like Christmas!!!

  2. ooo I love love LOVE the piano one with the BOKEH in the background ;) you did an amazing job, as always! love your work Mackenzie! xx

  3. Lovely pictures, Mackenzie! I still love your piano ones! Too bad this post wasn't written a year ago - would have been good for me, as I actually had never even heard of bokeh until then. Ha! Don't know about anyone else, but WE are excited to watch The Hobbit. *grin* I'm glad you're enjoying Romans - we are actually reading in that book as a family right now. ;-)

  4. YAY for Christmas bokeh. =D And all bokeh, for that matter.
    Kenze, these are fabulous. And I'm very careful to not over-use that word. It's reserved for only the truly most fabulous things. My favorites would have to be the closer-up ones of the tree ornaments. They're so gorgeous. And then the last one with you and your lovely teal cardigan. Except the piano ones. Maybe those are my favorite. Oh! Who has to pick favorites anyway? They're allll my favorite!

  5. oh, BOKEHBOKEHBOKEH. :) i just got my first DSLR {a Nikon D3100} a few months ago, and I was {and still am} obsessed with the bokeh it produces in every shot. ;)

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, and for following, girl! yay! a fellow blogger who knows the trials {and conveniences} of being tall! ;) i'm follow you back! i simply adore your style of writing, and your fun and beautiful photography. <3 yes. :)

    xx / mikailah


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