Sister + Birthday = Blog Post

Friday, December 14, 2012

It was my dear sister's birthday on Wednesday. 
So I thought I would say a few good things about her (I mean, isn't that what you are supposed to do on birthdays?) 
My sister (Delaney) is my dear friend. 
I haven't known a day in my life without her.
And I have known very few nights without her (we share a room.....always have). 
She is always ready to model for me (even when she doesn't feel like it).
She always has some wise council to give me. 
She always looks cute. 
She is a wonderful friend to everyone. 
She is funny.
She loves her siblings. 
I call her Lane, she calls me Mack.
I call her Shmane, she calls me Kenze.
I call her Blane, she calls me Macandcheeseandroonandcaloriso (don't ask)

And......she puts up with me wonderfully.
She is my best friend. 

In short, I love my sister.
Happy Birthday Delaney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your favorite little sister (well okay, so your only little sister), 


  1. Aw Happy BIRTHDAY to your sister!!:) The pictures were great!!!

  2. Beautiful post, Mackenzie!
    And happy birthday to Delaney!!!!

  3. This was just beautiful. Such amazing pictures and smiles! :)

  4. aw, happy birthday to your sister! wow, i love these pictures, a lot, Mackenzie! :) she looks like a sweet lady with a fun personality. ;)

    xx / mikailah

  5. ah I love this! happy birthday delaney! xx

  6. Aw. Happy Birthday to her! She looks extremely sweet, and she's so pretty. The pictures that you took of her in the field wearing the ruffly dress are my favorites ever from you. And that last picture is so real, love!


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