Of late......

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello there! 
I can only do short picture posts for now, but when we get everything fixed up I will be sure to post nice long posts simply stuffed full of pictures. 
(that sentence was awkward) 

I have just gotten out of a "no picture inspiration"  rut. Thankfully now I am taking more and more pictures every day. 
I am happy about this. 
We have had wonderful warm weather up here for the last few days. 
It feels like Spring. 
I don't know how I feel about this. 
I love Spring and all......but not when we are supposed to be dreaming of a white Christmas and drinking hot coco.
I just can't bring myself to drink hot coco when it is 60 degrees outside. 
I was very disappointed last winter when we did not have a good dumping of snow (see post here from last winter's end).
Anyway, the weather has been, well......warm. 
Warm enough for me to stomp around barefoot. 
Please don't note the dirt on me toes....*he he*

I did a short shoot with my dear friend Jenna and her sister Danae, it was loads of fun. 

We went with my brother and his wife to get a tree for their house (not ours, we don't have our tree up yet).
There were so many choices! 

I love Christmas-tree-lights-bokeh!!!!

So yeah, there are a few pictures to tide this little blog over for now. 
I hope your day is simply wonderful.
I strongly advise you to watch what you can of the sunset this evening. Sunsets show off God's glory in such a wonderful way every evening, I love them.
Well, I'm off, I have things to do. 
Food to eat. 
Dogs to pet. 
Papers to write. 
Grandmas to check. 
Sunsets to enjoy. 
Songs to sing. 
Dishes to do. 
Little brothers to beat up.
(okay, so maybe not that last one.....I need him to fix things for me, I had better stay on his good side) 
Okay, got to go, I have a busy schedule. 

Yours truly, 
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Splendid, positively splendid, my dear! I see that I shall have to start working on my "holiday bokeh" pictures. Just so you know, I have a brilliant idea about it. But you've already got a good one (or several!) The one with the dog is adorable and that's a lot coming from me! ;)

  2. These are beautiful! My fave is the one with the dog, the bokeh is perfect! Still looking forward to the wedding pics! :)
    xx Natalia


  3. I am loving your lovely blog, my sweet friend!! And just beautiful photos and words. :)

  4. Mackenzie, this blog is beautiful! The picture with you in the mirror holding the camera was classic, and I like the list, he-he-he!


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