In Which I say a Sorrowful Goodbye

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Winter, 

Where did you go? Did you ever even really come? 
I have to say that I really missed you this year. 
I missed the snow that you usually bring along with you 
I missed sledding in it.
Making snowmen of it.
Making snow forts under it.
Making snowballs of it and throwing them at my brother (even though I always miss).
And I missed skating on the ice that you freeze. 
I missed the comforting feeling of being inside the cozy warm house with snow softly falling outside.
I missed you on Christmas day when, even though Bing Crosby was singing "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas", you were nowhere to be found, with the exception of in Bing Crosby's dreams.

I love you Winter, always have.
I miss you Winter, and I will bid you farewell until next December, when I look with anticipation for your coming.
Good bye winter. 

Until December 21st
Yours Truly,
~Mackenzie Hope

A moment of silence please........

HELLO SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy last day of winter everyone!!!

To the reader: I do love winter, but I love every season as it comes. God always has a way of bringing on the new season when we need it most.
I look forward to the fresh joys of Spring, I just thought I would properly say goodbye to Winter before Spring comes.

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