Friends In The Snow

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yesterday I was blessed to spend time with my dear friend Anneliese. 
I did a blog post back in November about her. 
We were able to step outside in the snow to take some pictures. 
I love snow. 
I love taking pictures. 
I love my friends who put up with my photo inspirations. 
They stand out in the cold snow and look lovely. 
It's just wonderful.
Anyway, I will start with the pictures.
"Fake smiles!" 

The end! 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 

Yours truly,
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. You two are so lovely. I like you both very much. Mackenzie, your goofy faces are absolutely, positively epic! And would you look at all that snow -- mhm. Grand photographs, dear!

  2. these are so cute, and gorgeous! :) you both are so pretty, seriously. snow, snow, snow. how i love it. :) i love all your faces. ;)

    xo | mikailah

  3. I love these! Two adorable looking people.

  4. these pictures are soooo lovely! the snow is so beautiful... :) and so are you girls!
    - Gabi (

  5. Love, love, love. :) You two are gorgeous.

  6. you both are just insanely beautiful. love this pics so much!


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