It Has Been A Year...

Monday, December 31, 2012

Well folks.....another year is upon us. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! It seems like just yesterday when we watched our watches turn to midnight and yelled out (sleepily) "Happy 2012!" and "Happy New Year!"
So, my year in review......
Well, it all started in January when I started this little blog. I was very excited about this new place to  put pictures and write random things. 
Typical girl that I am. 
I took lots of pictures of dogs and tea.

 I also got a chance to visit a friend of mine up north. 
The flowers started popping out of the ground, and I enjoyed the sunshine altogether. 
For my birthday my sister-in-law made me the most amazing cake! 
I also was blessed to receive Photoshop Lightroom. 
One of the best things that was ever invented. 
My sister and i were able to be in a play with a group of wonderful kids. 
We did Pride and Prejudice. 
I was Kitty. 
My sister was Lady Cathryn De Bourg. 

More flowers brightened the world with their color.
 We  got four sheep to eat down our horse pasture this summer. 
 I was able to do Yearbook pictures for my older brother's school. 
I got an external flash.
We shaved the dogs......

 I had a blast doing a photo shoot with my sister and her friend. 
I also got the coolest necklace from my dear friend Sarah.
Took some pictures.....( I do that sometimes) 
And.....I got my first lightning of my dreams. 
Summer officially started. 

Our family went on a wonderful trip out West. 
We went to the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Colorado.....etc. 


 I rode my bike loads. 
I shot my first wedding! (thanks Ian and Jess!)
Spent time with my crazy siblings......
Spent lots of time with dear friends. 
Did a senior shoot with lovely Keiffer. 

Started up school! 
Shot my second wedding! 

Drew lots of anchors.
Went fishing for the first time. 
Spent a week in Illinois with my dear friend Phoebe. 

Took lots of of family pictures. 

Enjoyed laughter.

Took more people pictures.

Got snow! 

 Celebrated Christmas! 

It has been quite a year......
I am sorry that was such a long post.....hey, it was 365 days to go over! 
Happy new year all! 
I will write more next year! 
~Mackenzie Hope


  1. beautiful pictures, Mackenzie! you are an amazing photographer, and i loved your summary of the year. :)

    happy new year!! 2013... wow. :)

    xo | Mikailah

  2. love these, Mackenzie! your photography is so amazing, you gotta gift. twenty twelve was great but boy twenty thirteen looks exciting! hope it's a good one.
    xx | natalia

  3. Gorgeous post! Hasn't this year been wonderful? :-)

  4. Hey I love all the pictures so amazing and beautiful!!! I really love the picture with the camera charm necklace!!! Do you now ware you got it?? I have always wanted one:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  5. Wow, that was all in the last year? I remember each and everything -- boy 2012 flew by!
    Happy new year, dearest!


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