Fall Is Here!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, fall has been here for a while now, but I am lazy and did not get "fall pictures" sooner. 
I am usually behind.  
I love fall. There is something wonderful about the crisp air, the falling leaves and fields being ripe with corn and soybeans.
We live in a farm state, so fields have always been a main part of fall for me.
I especially love corn fields in the fall.
They are so fun to run around in, play hide-and-seek in, and get lost in.
Oh boy, nothing better than getting lost in a huge cornfield that you cannot see a thing in.  
Not that I like getting lost in a field. 
But, it is fun. 
And again....my dear little bike. 
I ride this thing all the time. 
Up and down the road......up and down.....
All the leaves on the trees are turning different colors, and falling onto the ground. 
I like my boots......*he he* 
This last picture is for my oldest sister Hoss. 
She likes acorns. 
Don't even look at my hand. 

Happy October first everyone!!!!

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Love your "natury" shots, Kenze! I think your timing is just perfect as far as posting fall pictures. Oh... I have so many favorites, but it'd be too hard to try to describe them (you see, their beauty is beyond words) so I'll just say that I love every one of them! Oh, and I love your boots too. :)

  2. I love all of these my friend! Such pure beauty and the lighting in all of them is stunning.
    I can't wait till the leaves change totally! :)

  3. Such beautiful & lovely images ! :)


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