Kieffer (Senior Shoot)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I had the privilege of getting to do Kieffer's senior pictures last week.
And I mean the privilege.
I was so excited to do this because I knew Kieffer would be the ideal model. She did not seem uncomfortable in front of the camera, and if she was, she sure didn't show it!
So, all in all, we had a fun day exploring the back roads of our town, racing with the sun to get places before it dipped beneath the horizon,standing in the middle of the road hoping no cars would come over the hill, and getting her dress wet in the creek. (yeah, I know that was a run-on sentence) 
I couldn't decide which of the next two I liked better.

Congratulations Kieffer, thank you for letting me do your senior pictures! You are beautiful!

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Mackenzie, these are amazing! As are you, as is her smile, etc. ;)
    I think my favorites are the jumping shot and the ones with the motion blur from the vehicles!

  2. Ooh! I have been waiting for these, Mackenzie!! =) I just love how you are able to pull out the natural smile in everyone. And those motion-blur ones are so neat! Your skills with sunlight are just amazing. ;-) Hope your week has been going well!

  3. Great job on these. I love the one in front of World Market!

  4. Hi Mackenzie!
    It was great meeting you on Sunday. These photos are so beautiful. You are an excellent photographer. Have a lovely week!

  5. These are absolutely stunning! Excellent photography, my friend. :)


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