Watercolor, School and Freckles

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Just thought I would start out with a Winnie The Pooh greeting, wait.....maybe that is not Winnie The Pooh......hmmmmm, it seems like it is though)
Anyway, the other day I got a lovely letter in the mail from a friend. She , knowing that I am obsessed with anything nautical, decorated it nautically (is that even a word?) with watercolor paint. 
It was lovely. 
I need to find a new word. 
 Well, the nicely decorated letter from my dear friend inspired me to get some of our old watercolors out and try to be creative myself. Which is a big thing for me.
So, I proceeded to make a huge mess while attempting to be creative. 
And nautical (yippie!).
This is what I came up with:
The pirate's greeting.
Multi-colored nautical.
The "Mackenzie trying to be all inspiring" card.
You can tell I had WAY too much fun with these ones.
Then, yesterday I made this (no water colors, just pens). 
It took me all day.
My hand still has cramps. 

So, yeah, I am sorry I have not posted more of late. The truth is that I have been really busy with something they call school, and have not been taking too many pictures. 
Fall is here......
God is good as always and has blessed me with so much.
I like freckles. 

The reason I am putting this picture of a football on my blog is NOT because I like football.
I don't.
But I do like this picture.
So there.
The end.
Yours Truly, 
Mackenzie Hope 


  1. Mackenzie, you are much too artistic and creative -- you put me to shame. As I scrolled down the pictures of the cards I thought, "That one is amazing -- definitely my favorite! Wait, no this one is. You're kidding -- this next one has to be! Each one just gets better!" I simply couldn't decide which one is my favorite. :)
    Lovely post. :)

  2. Oh yes, aren't handmade/hand-printed cards in the mail just the best? Amazing. And these are amazing. I love them all! Especially that last one...I can see why it took you all day! :-)

  3. Wow, you're so creative. I love all of them. I got in a painting mood a couple of weeks ago. But you're a ton better than I am! <3

  4. My husband is your sister's boss at MBI :) She told him about your blog and he told me. I like it very much :) And I am so inspired by your inspiredness (is that a word? No, of course not) to be creative, and maybe get cramps in my wrist (that card was awesome!). Very nice photography.


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