When The Photographer Walks In

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last week I did a set of yearbook pictures for a local christian school. 
I did not do all those head shots, with the hideous lighting and not-so-beautiful backgrounds. 

I did a bunch of candids.

Pictures of kids "studying".
Pictures of kids walking down the hallway. 
Pictures of kids getting things out of their lockers. 
Pictures of kids in singing class. 
Pictures of kids in their gym class. 
Pictures of teachers teaching.
You get the idea.
I hope.
Every time I go somewhere with my camera I get funniest reactions.
Going to a high school was no exception.
At the beginning of the time I was there we would step in a room and warn everybody that "The Photographer" would be taking pictures of them and to just ignore her.
All the girls would say, "What! Why didn't you warn me!? I would have dressed nicer and done my hair better!"
The boys would just say, "Okay."

Later when I would walk into a classroom during a class and start taking pictures the teacher would say, "Okay kids, The Photographer is here, act normal."
Some of them would hide
The rest of the kids would sit up straight, put smiles on their faces and try to study.
But who can study when you know The Photographer might be taking a picture of you?
And that that picture had a high risk of being in a yearbook that everyone could look at for the next 10 years.
I could never study if that was happening to me.
It's okay kids, I will try to make you look as nice as possible. 
I hope.
But please forgive me if I don't.  

The End.
~Mackenzie Hope 

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