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Monday, April 16, 2012

Yesterday my dad took us "kids" on a trip to the beach. 
I love the beach.
We also took the doggies. 
They love the beach too. 
But even better than the beach they love riding in the car. 
Because when you (as a dog) ride in the car you can stick your head out the window. 
It makes our dogs very happy. 
It was a cloudy (but warm) day, and the lighting was just grand. 
No harsh light. 
Just plenty of soft light. 
My little brother brought his kite so we could fly it. 
Of course I helped him launch it. 

Look at it go! We are just too good at flying kites. 
You helped fly the kite? Funny Mackenzie, you didn't even help carry it. 
*He he* well, okay so I didn't actually help fly the kite.....just encouraged him to. 
What would he do without me? 

My sister ran along the beach with the doggies. 
They were all very happy.
My Pops skipped rocks. 
I took pictures. 
Then I made my sister stop for just a minuet (okay, so it might have been two minutes), so I could take a picture (or two) of her. 
This is the look I get all the time. 
This is the look I get when I tell her that I love her. 
And after Lightroom.....
Now, isn't this dog just the cutest thing? (random thought)

Okay, see this dog:
We got her shaved. 
Don't ask me why. 
Because I am going to tell you right now: 
She shed. 
The end.
This is what she looks like now. 

One more thing. 
You know our other dog that used to look like this:

He got shaved too. 
The end. 

~Mackenzie Hope 


  1. I love these! And that looks like a wonderful beach...where is it at? If you don't mind telling that is :-)

    1. Thank you!
      It is on the Lake Michigan shore. =D

  2. Oh, those pictures are GORGEOUS, girl! Love that lake... *happy sigh* ;)



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