Cromwell, Jean-Pierre, Lewis and Bob

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday we obtained (in a rather roundabout way) four sheep. 
We got them to eat down our -now overgrown- horse pasture. 
We used to have horses in this pasture. 
We don't have horses anymore. 
But we have sheep now.

A nice man down the road was kind enough to lend us these sheep for the summer. 
So, I will introduce you to our new family members. 
Here we have four boy sheep (you can call them rams if you want to sound smart). 
They are very well tempered, and very sweet. 
I like sheep. 

The fella in the front (looking at me) is Cromwell. 
He is the oldest (15 months) and biggest of the batch, the leader, and the sweetest. 
I like him. 
I like his name too. 
Hi Cromwell! 

This is Jean'Pierre. 
He is French.
Well, okay so he is American. 
But his name is French, a friend of mine came up with his name. 
This one is my personal favorite: Lewis. 
He is really shy, and at the bottom of the social pole. 
I will tame him though. 
The call me the sheep whisper......well, okay, so this is the first time I have even come close to sheep, except for when they are at the fair.....
Hi Lewis!
And this is Bob. 
Bob is also a sweet fella, and his coat is the nicest looking. 
I like him.
So a recap: 
Bob and Cromwell (looking at the camera)
Bob and Cromwell (looking at the camera).
My sister petting Cromwell. 
Jean'Pierre being rude. 

The end. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well the subtitle explains everything! I definitely was not expecting to see sheep, they're beautiful shots.

    greetings from Mexico
    DoublClik Photo Blog

  2. These are gorgeous, Mackenzie! I love sheep... they're so cute. ;) x


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