Sunshine, Cameras, and Happiness

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I woke up Wednesday morning to a lovely light shining through my window. 
I knew it had been forecasted that it was supposed to be 50 degrees today, so I was excited. 
I love anything that has to do with Spring. 
Warm sunshine. 
Rain and thunder storms. 

Well, Wednesday morning was no exception. 
It was just divine outside. 
The sun was up, and had spread its rays through the branches of the trees and through the droplets hanging daintily on the branches. It had stormed the night before, so that everything had a fresh smell and was covered in water. 
And , being the well trained photographer that I am (my friends call it craziness), I got out my camera and went for a walk. 

I was in love. 
I still am. 

Then I chased down my sister, who was off to school. She was very obliging and stopped for me to take a picture (or two) of her. 
Hi sis, you are lovely! 
I spent a lot of the morning sighing and occasionally letting out a yell of, "I LOVE THIS WEATHER". 
Yeah, I do that a lot. 
Especially when I love the weather. 

I can't wait for spring, but for now this little teaser has left me with a soaring hope of what is on the way. 

Happy Saturday!

-Mackenzie Hope 

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